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Freeform concrete driveway with grass betweenNothing says “you’re home” like that moment you pull into your driveway. There is a great opportunity to make something special for every driveway. While some people love the look of faux moss rock driveways, others prefer the low maintenance of a solid surface. For instant curb appeal, a driveway upgrade is hard to beat.

Donʼt be in a hurry when doing your driveway. Attaching your driveway to the street requires a permit. Without understanding the code requirements of this connection, many homeowners find themselves in violation of the ADA Act, and begin receiving fines. The only remedy is to tear out the concrete and do it again. Choosing a licensed contractor will protect you against these types of mistakes.

High quality concrete driveways by McLaren MasonryLet us help you have the nicest driveway on your street.