About Ari

Ari began this journey in Wilmington, NC at the age of eighteen. For three years he worked for a Master Finisher at a commercial concrete company working on large warehouse slabs with ultra tight tolerances. With slabs up to 100,000 square feet and fifty-man crews working through the night, the young apprentice found his calling. The teamwork developed during these grueling pours was inspiring.

At the age of 21, with a passion for surfing and pouring concrete, Ari’s Hawaiian adventure and new apprenticeship began. The next twelve years were spent working with a very respected local masonry company. Learning from the ground up, Ari became proficient at a whole new aspect of concrete: residential and custom decorative concrete, including many different types of wall construction.

During these years, Ari enrolled in the Hawaii Community College Boat Building School. This two-year program honed his layout and carpentry skills. Ari has used these skills to be able to see “the bigger picture” in complicated layouts and designs. He brings instincts to the table that cannot be taught.

Returning to full-time masonry, Ari’s aptitude was recognized and he was soon running jobs on his own, including working with the multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, general and subcontractors, homeowners, and employees. He was no longer an apprentice and ready to take the next step.

The original concept for McLaren Masonry, Inc. was to be a specialty in artistic masonry. However, he was overwhelmed by the demand for square, level, and straight foundations. Word of mouth spread, and McLaren Masonry was born in 2005.

Today, McLaren Masonry’s work is balanced between new foundations, additions, driveways, sidewalks, walls and decorative work. With our special ability to problem solve, let us help you with your concrete and masonry needs.